Cathy Fitzpatrick


Weight Loss: 2 stone

“I have toned up, energy levels improved & feel a lot better. TeamPB made it easy to get started.”

Caroline Pitt


Weight Loss: 3 stone

“Running across the road used to be the limit of my capabilities. I have returned to the size where I can now wear my favourite clothes.”

Dr Adam Nieman

Dr Adam Nieman

Weight Loss: 4 stone

“I am fitter now than I have ever been. TEAMPB has worked out to be much better value for money than a gym membership.”

Kibi Wright


Weight Loss: 5 stone

“Regular and consistent exercise with sensible eating and drinking choices. I feel so much better.”

Shirley Knight


Weight Loss: 2 stone

“A recent MRI scan has now shown a perfectly healthy knee joint and as a bonus I have lost two stone in weight. I love the results being fit has brought!”

Anne Bell


Weight Loss: 6 stone

“Changing my habits with food and exercise has made amazing difference. So much fitter for my life and my 6 children.”

Andrew Nisbet


“Training before and after 2 major life saving operations has made such a difference with my recovery. Being fit and strong really does help.

Simon Wilks


“I love being fit for my sports and staying motivated and keeping me as close to the top of my game.”